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Camellia Culture

September 7, 2013

by Marilee Gray – Camellias are the jewels of the shade garden that brighten the winter months with blooms of incredible variation and beauty. It is unfortunate, however, that many people consider camellias difficult to grow, when, in fact, they are very easy to grow once their needs are understood and met. Most camellias don’t just die; they are killed ...Read More »

Pruning the Camellia Plant

September 7, 2013

by Harold L. Paige, Lafayette, CA & C. Norwood Hastie, Jr., Charleston, SC –   Careful and scientific pruning of camellias has now become an accepted part of their culture and care, although proper pruning is perhaps the most neglected phase of camellia culture today. Perhaps the practice would be more freely employed if the grower gave more thought to ...Read More »