◊ By Bradford King ◊

A fragrant plant is one of the pleasures when taking a walk in the garden and a sweet treat when one is planted near a bench or placed in a sitting area on a patio.  Camellia lovers are now able to have fragrant species and many lovely perfumed scented cultivars in their collection thanks to the patience and persistent efforts of camellia breeders throughout the camellia world. A number of these cultivars have not only inherited the sweet fragrance of C. lutchuensis but also their profuse cluster blooming ability.

High Fragrance

High Fragrance

Three of the best fragrant camellias are available through Nuccio’s Nurseries in Altadena California as well as other nurseries that specialize in propagating camellias. They are ‘Koto-no-Kaori’, a small single rose pink bloom, ‘Minato-no-Akebono’ (Harbor at Dawn), a miniature single light pink toned darker pink; and the medium peony pale ivory pink that shades to deeper pink on the petal edges of ‘High Fragrance’.

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