CSSCC – 02-22-20

Northern California Camellia Council

Show Results
Santa Clara, CA
February 22, 2020

Larry Piet

C. reticulata ‘Larry Piet’

Camellia Society of Santa Clara County

February 22, 2020

Show Chairman – John Mendoza
???? Blooms Exhibited
???? Attendees
?? Exhibitors

Gold Certificate: 68 Blue Ribbons, Don & Mary Bergamini
Silver Certificate: 50 Blue Ribbons, Don & Joan Lesmeister


Best Bloom in Show: ‘Tama Velvet’, Justin & Melissa Bergamini

Best Bloom – Originated in Santa Clara County ‘Julie’, Don & Mary Bergamini

C. japonica:
VLg: ‘Carter’s Sunburst’, Julie Vierra
RU: ‘Elegans Splendor’, Julie Vierra
Lg: ‘Tama Velvet’, Justin & Melissa Bergamini
RU: ‘Raspberry Ice’, Gary & Carol Schanz
Md: ‘Bella Jinhua’, Justin & Melissa Bergamini
RU: ‘Betty Foy Sanders’, Helmuth & Leone Wildemann
Sm: ‘Sue Kendall Var.’, Gary & Carol Schanz
RU: ‘Red Devil’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
Mn: ‘Sugar Babe’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
RU: ‘Sweet Jane’, Helmuth & Leone Wildemann

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent):
Lg/VLg: ‘Sir Robert Muldoon’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
RU: ‘Larry Piet’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
Sm/Md: ‘Kwan Yuen’, Gary & Carol Schanz
RU: ‘Powdered Beauty’, Don & Mary Bergamini

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent):
Lg/VLg: ‘Lucky Star’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
RU: ‘Waltz Time Var.’, Don & Mary Bergamini
Sm/Md: ‘Baby Rhodo’, Don & Mary Bergamini
RU: ‘Senritsu-ko’, Don & Mary Bergamini

Best Fragrant Bloom: ‘High Fragrance’, Barbara Gordon


Best Tray of Three – Lg/VLg Japonica: ‘Ferris Wheel’, Don & Mary Bergamini
Best Tray of Three – Md Japonica: ‘Red Devil’, Julie Vierra
Best Tray of Three – Sm Japonica: ‘Ave Maria’, Don & Mary Bergamini
Best Tray of Three – Mn Any Species: ‘Ann Clayton’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
Best Tray of Five – Lg/VLg Japonica: ‘Dixie Knight Supreme’, Julie Vierra
Best Tray of Five – Md Japonica: ‘Red Devil’, Don & Joan Lesmeister
Best Tray of Five – Boutonniere Any Species: No Entry

Best Tray of Three – Reticulata and Reticulata Hybrids: ‘Frank Houser Var.’, Don & Joan Lesmeister

Best Tray of Three – Non-reticulata Hybrids: ‘Waltz Time’, Helmuth & Leone Wildemann

Best Tray of Three – Different sizes: ‘Betty Sheffield Supreme/ Something Beautiful’, Don & Joan Lesmeister

Best Tray of Nine: ‘Various’, Don & Joan Lesmeister


Best japonica ‘Seedling’, Meg Milani
Best reticulata of non-reticulata hybrid ‘Seedling’, Don & Mary Bergamini


Best Local Bloom – Japonica: ‘Elaine’s Betty’, Antoinette V
Best Local Bloom – Reticulata and Non-retic Hybrid: ‘Harold L. Paige’, Annett Jester


Best Novice Bloom – Japonica: No Entry
Best Novice Bloom – Reticulata and Non-retic Hybrid: No Entry


Best Members Bloom – Japonica: ‘Royal Velvet Var.’, Gary & Carol Schanz
Best Members Bloom – Reticulata and Non-retic Hybrid: ‘Frank Houser’, Linda Kancev


Best Youth Bloom ‘Valentine Day’, Adeline Kostyanovsky
Best Santa Clara County Youth Bloom ‘Magnoliaeflora’, Leianna Mendoza

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