2020 Bloom Rankings

Southern California Camellia Society


Frank Houser Var
C. reticulata ‘Frank Houser Variegated’
Scoring Algorithm
Best Bloom in Show – 10 Points
Best Bloom – 5 Points
Runner-Up Bloom – 3 Points
Court of Honor Bloom – 1 Point

The following scores have been compiled from the ACS Cooperative Shows
in the SCCS Region for the 2020 season.

2 ACS Cooperative Shows
Current through January 18, 2020

C. japonica
Large to Very Large
C. japonica
C. japonica
Miniature to Small
C. reticulata
Barbara Goff 18
Terrell Weaver 8
Frank Houser 6
Mouchang 5
Holy Pure 1
Kohinor 1
Lasca Beauty 1
C. hybrid
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