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Camellia Progagation

By Bradford King - Camellias can be propagated in numerous ways: seeds, cuttings, grafting and air layering. Camellias grown from seed will vary from the parent therefore they will not be discussed here. (Check out the article “Growing Camellias from Seed”) CUTTINGS: Camellia cuttings are taken from the plant the grower wishes to reproduce. The cutting needs to be four ... Read More »

Growth Season Fertilizing

Kristina Hooper - Although you don’t have to fertilize your camellia for it to bloom, it will produce stronger growth and larger more colorful blooms when fertilized. This section will cover fertilization during the growing season, which is when plants first begin new growth (March or April depending on your area and variety) to late summer. Be careful not to ... Read More »


by T. Savige, Australia - The practice of disbudding (removing surplus flower buds from plants) is as old as horticulture itself and based upon the simple mathematical principle that the fewer divisions made in any substance, the larger each will be. Theoretically, it presupposes that a plant can produce only a certain total quantity of blooms satisfactorily; consequently, if better ... Read More »

Camellia Note Cards

A few decades ago, Paul Jones was commissioned to paint camellias at the internationally renowned Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California. His paintings are exquisite, and they are sure to please camellia fanciers. They make wonderful gifts for your fellow camellia lovers, and they are suitable for framing. 8 Camellia Notecards, $8     US or International Shipping with US ... Read More »

Sun Camellias

48 pages of information about camellias that do quite well growing in the sun. Includes articles from a 1955 edition of The Camellia Review, suggested uses for sun camellias as bonsai, hedges, pots and baskets, a shopper’s guide, a list of camellia nurseries and lots of photos. Individual copies are $10, US shipping $2.50. For international shipping, contact Bobbie Belcher. ... Read More »

Camellia Culture

by Marilee Gray - Camellias are the jewels of the shade garden that brighten the winter months with blooms of incredible variation and beauty.  It is unfortunate, however, that many people consider camellias difficult to grow, when, in fact, they are very easy to grow once their needs are understood and met.  Most camellias don’t just die; they are killed ... Read More »

Three Decades of Winning Cultivars

By Don Bergamini - Analysis of the top twenty winners in California of the eighties, nineties and the first decade of two thousand. These cultivars have won best or runner-up in their respective categories to make the list. The first column lists the name of the cultivar, column two, four, and six the rank by the number of wins in ... Read More »


Join the Southern California Camellia Society! Annual dues are $35, running from July 1 to June 30 of the following calendar year. Dues include a subscription to the Camellia Review, published three times a year. Membership Membership (US) $35.00 USD Membership (Outside US) $40.00 USD Sponsoring Member $50.00 USD Sustaining Member $100.00 USD Patron Member $150.00 USD Read More »

Pruning the Camellia Plant

by Harold L. Paige, Lafayette, CA & C. Norwood Hastie, Jr., Charleston, SC -   Careful and scientific pruning of camellias has now become an accepted part of their culture and care, although proper pruning is perhaps the most neglected phase of camellia culture today. Perhaps the practice would be more freely employed if the grower gave more thought to ... Read More »

SCCS Monthly Meetings 2013/2014

Monthly meetings fall on the fourth Thursday of the month (except November) and are held at the Arboretum in Arcadia. October 24 – Sun Camellias: Beautiful Evergreen Landscape Camellias * November 21 — Camellia Family Trees: Famous Mutations and Sports* December — no meeting January 23 — Tom Nuccio will Discuss and Show the most Beautiful Camellias in Bloom February ... Read More »

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